An artist's Instagram post, however minuscule or random as it may initially appear, can reveal a lot about their personal life and musical endeavors, as many musical acts have taken to social media to rollout projects in recent years. That's why fans are excited, yet confused, in regards to a new Instagram story post from Chicago-born singer-songwriter Jeremih.

In what some fans are interpreting as a flirtatious story post, Jeremih recently reposted La La Anthony's Instagram story to his. In La La's original post, she is seen posing on a balcony in an all-white outfit while music and lyrics to a Jeremih song are heard and seen, respectively. Jeremih wasn't tagged in La La's story, but he reposted it to his story nonetheless, causing fans to speculate whether or not he's hinting at a relationship with the former Power actress.

Some users have expressed interest and excitement in possibly seeing the two entertainers become a couple, with one saying, "Yes Lala cause lord knows Carmelo ain’t sh*t." Another user commended Jeremih's post despite La La's murky relationship status, commenting, "A closed mouth don't get feed. Don't let her being married stop you King."

Other social media users, were quick to call cap on the situation and call Jeremih's post music promotion. One user called out The Shade Room and fans falling for the clickbait, saying, "This is the biggest reach... it’s his song."

For what it's worth, Jeremih may very well be promoting his music. La La's initial Instagram story post featured the audio to Jeremih's 2014 Nicki Minaj collaboration "Favorite," so he could be showing love to the actress for using the song in her post. At the top of the year, the Late Nights artist made a similar move when Chloe Bailey posted a sensual video dancing to Jeremih's "All The Time."

Time will tell if Jeremih is shooting his shot at La La Anthony or just showing love to a fellow entertainer.