When DeMar DeRozan was traded from the Toronto Raptors to the San Antonio Spurs this Summer, he was understandably hurt as he was moved from the team that drafted him. Coming back to the Raptors was superstar Kawhi Leonard, who ended up leading the team to their very first championship on Thursday. One of the more lowkey members of the Raptors team was journeyman Jeremy Lin who didn't see very much playing time throughout the playoffs. Either way, he has a ring and Carmelo Anthony doesn't which is the Canadian justice system at work. 

After the game, Lin took to Twitter where he gave his props to DeRozan for everything he did with the Raptors over the last decade.

"Having lived in Toronto last 4 months, Ive seen by far more jerseys than anyone else," Lin explained. "Dont rly know Demar personally but the positive impact he had is so obvious. Hope he gets credit for laying the foundation and paving the way!"

DeRozan has explained in the past that he was rooting for the Raptors and that he still great friends with Kyle Lowry. While some may look at Lin's message and roll their eyes, you have to realize that Lin is one of the nicest players in the game, so this kind of message makes sense. 

How do you think DeRozan feels after what went down last night?