Jermaine Dupri was welcome on The Breakfast Club, along with the members of Xscape, to promote his label's anniversary tour. During the conversation, another one of his artists came up. The baby of the SoSo Def family, Bow Wow, has been causing some commotion on social media. 

DJ Envy was the one to bring up the young rapper's antics. He then qualified his relationship to Dupri as being his "son/little brother/artist."

"It's just what y'all see. It's not' ain't really like that. It's just what people see."

Jermaine also clarified that the reason why he has yet to comment on any of Bow Bow's social media meltdowns is that he isn't making an effort to stay in the virtual loop.

"I don't even be following Bow Wow by the way so..."

He asserts that there is no point in him following the artist. He came off as jaded when Angela Yee asked him if he blocked his protege.

"Why? for what? How long have I been dealing with this? This been every day of my life since he was 12 years old. Bow Wow's been the same [...] He been doing that crazy stuff to me..."

The label exec also acted surprised when the hosts told him that the Like Mike star had revealed his drug addiction to lean. He simply replied, "Really?"

Later, he does reassert himself as an important part of Bow's life. In the process, he denies the young man's involvement with drugs.

"You ain't seen him going to jail. You ain't seen Bow Wow with no drug addiction. He telling y'all that, y'all ain't seen that sh*t. That's not realistic to me [...] I have never seen Bow Wow do no drugs around me."