The act of giving hip-hop's legendary figures their flowers is becoming increasingly commonplace, and rightfully so. As the veterans of the culture continue to age, exploring new creative and entrepreneurial avenues, many emcees have moved to let their elders know that they remain appreciated. Sometimes, homages arrive on wax, as seen on Curren$y's new Collection Agency track "Jermaine Dupri," which finds him reflecting on a formative experiencing involving the So-So Def mogul.

 Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

"As a teen I watched MTV Cribs, Jermaine Dupri had the Continental T in the garage," raps Spitta. "And said you ain't a big dog unless you got one of these, yeah / And now I'm driving precision because now I'm that ni**a." Between the bars and the title, it didn't take long for Jermaine to catch wind of Curren$y's jam, taking to Twitter to share his own thoughts. 

LISTEN: Curren$y - Jermaine Dupri

"I ain’t gone front and act 2 cool for school ,this is [mindblowing] on so many levels,the fact that I inspired someone to title a song after me,a kid from Collipark,is CRAZY!!" writes Jermaine, hyping Curren$y's project on his IG page. "Then to know, the black artist I grew up studying and watching never got this type love until they were gone,man!!!" 

Curren$y issued a reaction of his own, clearly floored by J.D's appreciation and acknowledgment. "Mannnnnnnnnn what the fuck!!!!!!!!! Maaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn fuck man !!!!!!" he writes, utterly flabbergasted by the love. "Shit...... imma just roll up man...... fuck man. Love man love everybody.... fuck !!!!!" A wholesome exchange to be sure, and one that goes to show the respect that many artists have for one another; you never quite know who played an integral role in influencing who. Check out the messages for yourself below, and go stream that new Spitta while you're at it.