The Charlo Twins really don't get enough press, considering the lengths to which they've taken their Gemini act within the sport of boxing, and more specifically the light middleweight division, where both Jermell and Jermall hold World Titles.

There's no doubt, Jermell and Jermall are two separate entities. While they may look identical, work in the same division, let alone the same field, it is Jermall who wants to step outside the bubble on both their behalves. And he wants to do it with bold maneuver: by moving up a class in weight and challenging the reigning pound-for-pound king Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. He made his feelings known in an impromptu interview with TMZ Sports.

But before Jermall can try his hand at exposing "the 28-year-old so-called stud" as he refers to him, he must defend his WBC Interim title tonight at the Barclays Center on a stacked boxing card that involves his twin brother Jermell putting his WBC title on the line as well, in the co-main event.

As confusing as it might be to differentiate one brother from the other, boxing promoters must love the fact they can package them together as a Gemini act since it doesn't seem at all likely they will consent to fighting each other. Jermall faces Matt Korobov, his brother Jermell goes up against Tony Harrison.