This has been a horrendous week for the state of Texas as millions of people have been left without power and water due to a Winter storm. The state was simply not ready for this type of climate and as a direct result of the incompetence of lawmakers, numerous people are suffering. It's an ordeal that has led to scandals involving Senator Ted Cruz and even some mayors throughout the state.

While some are having to go through a hard time as a result of the storm, it seems like others are enjoying the spoils. One of those people is none other than Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has been making a ton of money over the last week thanks to his investments. According to Bloomberg, Jones owner a majority stake in Comstock Resources Inc, which is a gas driller.

Jerry Jones

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As a direct result of the storm, this company has been able to sell gas at some fairly exorbitant prices, which has ultimately increased the value of the company, while also bringing in tremendous profits. There is a huge demand for this natural gas right now, and the Cowboys owner has benefitted handsomely from it.

Jones is a known billionaire with ties to the oil industry, so this latest story should not come as a surprise. Regardless, it is disheartening to see rich guys continue to increase their wealth while working-class people are left with no power.

Jerry Jones

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