Jerry Lorenzo's Fear Of God brand merges streetwear with high fashion and many have taken notice. Lorenzo has been seen on runways throughout the world and whenever he collaborates with other brands, fans take notice. One of his most popular collaborations is with Nike on the Fear Of God 1 which is a basketball sneaker that can double as a lifestyle offering. It is both practical and fashionable which has led to a lot of interest and some pretty massive resale prices.

While new colorways of this model have been scarce, it seems as though Lorenzo is previewing something brand new, that could very well make it to market soon. As you can see in the Instagram post below, this latest offering was created by Lorenzo's son while playing NBA 2K and now, it's coming to life. This sneaker has brown, pink, and mint highlights which lead to a pretty unique look.

"First-ever shoe to make the jump from being designed on @nba2k the @nba ...well he’ll be sitting in the stands, at an nba game... he ain’t gon’ that far 😂... but i’m proud to be his dad, and this is a moment i’ll never forget... oh and i’ll be deleting this, can’t mess up my picture grid for monday’s imagery onslaught..... #7 on the way," Lorenzo wrote.

For now, there is no further info when it comes to release information, so stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring you the latest information.