Wale's friendship with Jerry Seinfeld was well-documented in the buildup to The Album About Nothing, which just supplanted To Pimp A Butterfly as the top album on the Billboard 200. They get along famously; they even have a vlog together.

In an interview with the New York Times on Friday, Seinfeld elaborated on his relationship with Wale and his interest in collaborating with him on TAAN.

"There’s a richness to his emotion. When you listen to the music, you can feel what he’s feeling and I like that. Great singing always has that."

Seinfeld first heard Wale's music from his wife, and the two first met at one of Seinfeld's stand-up performances.

He came to a show and asked if he could say hello, so he came backstage. I thought he was a very charming young man. And then I heard about the mixtape, and he came up with the idea of doing the whole album. It just felt so offbeat and that’s what appeals to me."

Read the whole interview here.

[via XXL]