Love them or hate them, the original Jersey Shore cast members are back in the spotlight. Mostly, it's because of the sequel to their remarkably successful MTV series, which has been resurrected by the network's brass in the hopes of attracting some younger millennial viewers. However, one cast member in particular is looking to attract something far more profitable for herself: a buyer willing to drop more than $1.5 million on her home.

As per TMZ, Jennifer "J-Woww" Farley has put her luxurious New Jersey-area pad up for sale and she's looking to make a tidy profit. The home, which includes six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a lagoon-style pool, has been listed for $1.59, an asking price that could net her a profit of nearly $1 million if this threshold is met by someone. She reportedly purchased the home for $685,000 in 2011, which would yield her a net gain of $905,000 - not a bad way to cash in on the perks of being a reality TV celebrity.

Spanning 7,000 square feet and boasting a big kitchen with two islands, the house has more than enough space for partying, making it the perfect addition to any Jersey Shore lover's life. There's no word on how hot a commodity it is on the local real estate market, but chances are the added media exposure doesn't hurt. There's also no word on where she's planning on moving to or if she's purchased a new home already.

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