Amber Rose recently jumped on Instagram and shared her opinion on the 10-year sentence handed to Bill Cosby after decades of sexual assault allegations. "Mannn fuck the fact that he’s old and fuck the fact that he was on TV. He is a sexual predator! (I hope they get their day as well) So y’all are going to sit here and tell me that all of these women are lying? FOH!!!" she wrote alongside his mugshot. 

Comedian Jess Hilarious has responded to Amber's choice words with a few words of her own calling the SlutWalk ambassador an "idiot" for wishing death on the former American Dad. 

"Amber Rose, bitch, what type of fucking fucked up individual are you? You wish death on a ni**a? Like, alright that's why he getting jail time, you know, so he can pay for what the fuck he did," she says in the video below. "You're a fucking idiot for that. I understand you standing up for women like you always want to do but this so-called moment that you trying to have, bitch you fucked it all when you wished death on that man after he do ten years. You sound stupid."