Harvey Weinstein's New York trial commenced last month and disturbing stories about his sexual misconduct having been trickling out to the public. One of his three accusers in this case, Jessica Mann, started testifying last week and has alleged that Weinstein raped her on two occasions once urinated on her in the shower. The former aspiring actress' claim that Weinstein lacks testicles (in a literal sense) also grabbed headlines. Mann, 34, continued her testimony in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday (Feb. 4) and gave an unsettling account of how Weinstein dealt with the loss of his mother.

Mann claimed that the disgraced movie producer invited her over shortly after his mother died in November of 2016. “He needed to be consoled for his grief, and he wanted to talk to me because I understood grief,” said Mann, whose father had died a year earlier. In accordance with other allegations made against Weinstein, when Mann arrived at his place, he was lying naked on the bed and "[wanted] to do something sexual." 

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

“I think he masturbated in a mirror and put himself in my mouth," recalled Mann. "And it was the second time that fluid ever came out … and it disgusted me.” She noted that his semen tasted foul because he was taking erectile dysfunction medicine at the time. This was supposedly the last encounter that Mann had with Weinstein. 

Mann testified that Weinstein raped her twice, once at the Doubletree Hotel in New York in March 2013, and an additional time in Los Angeles later that same year. So far, he has only been charged of sexual assault against Mann in the alleged March incident. Miriam 'Mimi' Haleyi and Annabella Sciorra also testified that he forcibly assaulted them. If convicted, Harvey Weinstein faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.