This season has been horrific for the New York Jets and their fans. Yesterday, they came into their game against the Oakland Raiders with a horrendous record of 0-11 and they were looking to pick up their first win. With just a few seconds left in the game, it appeared as though that win was finally going to happen as the team was up 28-24. However, with just 10 seconds left, the Raiders threw a game-winning touchdown pass, with Henry Ruggs snatching the TD.

Jets fans were flabbergasted by the defensive call, as coordinator Gregg Williams opted to blitz on a Hail Mary formation, which gave Ruggs a wide-open look in man-to-man coverage. It was a gross display of incompetence and this morning, Williams was officially fired for the play.

Some fans felt as though Williams was purposely throwing the game so that the team could end up with the first overall pick in the draft. These intentions are almost impossible to prove although considering how blatant the call way, perhaps the speculation isn't far off. Fans were actually hoping for head coach Adam Gase to get fire but for now, it seems like his job is safe.

For those who didn't get to see the play last night, you can check it out in the clip below. If you're a Jets fan, however, maybe it would be best to steer clear of this one.