New York Jets Head Coach Adam Gase says, despite Jamal Adams' trade request, Gase still wants him on the team.

Jets, Adam Gase, JAmal AdamsTodd Olszewski / Getty Images

"Yes, I want Jamal on our team," Gase told ESPN via conference call, Friday. "This is a tough part of the business, when one of your best players is working through things with our organization. We have to figure out a way to get to a good place, which will get him back, in the right spot and ready to go."

Gase wouldn't confirm whether he's had direct contact with Adams, but says they maintain a good relationship: "Anything that's going to deal with communication with Jamal will stay between us. That's how we're operating, keeping our locker room tight." Gase said, adding they have "been good since the time I've gotten here [in 2019]. We've had a lot of discussions throughout the season, trying to figure out ways to win. We've always gotten along well, and there's been a lot of dialogue between us about on- and off-the-field-type topics."

He added that Adams is "one of our best players and most consistent guys." 

Adams announced his desire to move on from the Jets earlier this month, but has yet to be moved.