Lamar Jackson is being heavily considered as the undisputed MVP of the NFL this season. At every turn, Jackson has blessed us with some incredible football and continues to showcase both his running and passing ability. When Jackson was first drafted back in 2018, there were some concerns as to whether or not he could be a successful quarterback. Jackson was passed up by numerous teams and was eventually drafted 32nd overall by the New England Patriots.

Famous Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator, Larry David, is a huge New York sports fan and as he explained on "The Michael Kay Show," he urged the Jets to draft Jackson. As David explains, he had former GM David Maccagnan's number and called him up to tell him to take Jackson. David's request was met with a scoff.

"I did call Mike Maccagnan before the 2018 draft and I recommended that he draft Lamar Jackson. I have a witness," David said. "He kinda gave me the most condescending ... he laughed at me. But, who can blame him?"

Not only is David a great comedic mind but he seems to have a penchant for spotting great talent as well. If the Jets had listened to him, perhaps their season would have ended differently.