If you're locked up and trying to get iced out, Houston-based jeweler Sam The Jeweler might be the guy you need to get at. A video went viral earlier today revealing an inmate flexing an iced out pair of grillz worth $30K from his cell. Sam went to Twitter where he revealed that a client of his reached out to him about a month ago asking for a pair of diamond-encrusted grillz. The problem was that his client was locked up. 

"About a month ago, I get a FaceTime from a client saying he needs a flawless set but he was in prison. Pulled a couple of strings and here is the first 30k flawless grill delivered to prison," Sam The Jeweler tweeted along with a video of his client behind bars flexing his new set of teeth. The inmate also flexed a few chains on his neck while rocking a white ski mask.

"Flawless, n***a. Yeah, n***a, you see that shit. Buss down. Big chains in here," the client said in Sam's video. "Shout out to the bitch in the stables," he added.

Later on, Sam shared a video of the grillz themselves made with 18k white gold. Check out the video below.