The lovely and talented Jhené Aiko recently announced a North American tour, which will take place in mid-November and continue until the end of December. She also happened to release her latest album Trip in September, and fans will be pleased to know that it's a psychedelic and beautiful piece of music. It's safe to say that Ms. Aiko has come a long way as an artist, and Trip is a testament to her creative prowess. Last night, Jhené Aiko graced the stage on Late Night With Seth Meyers to perform a stunning "While We're Young," complete with an excellent harp arrangement. 

Bathed in blue light, Aiko's vocals shine, sounding as crisp as they do on the original recording. It's a subtle, nuanced performance, and while Aiko has previously made waves for her wild one-liners, she's operating on a different level these days. Creatively, her confidence is truly coming through, and the bold conceptual nature of Trip is a testament to that fact. Insofar as Late Show performances go, "While We're Young" is most definitely a standout, especially considering the hit-or-miss nature of these types of showings. Even the staging is done well, with Aiko in the center, the harpist on her right, and a percussionist on her left. 

In other Jhené Aiko news, the singer recently finalized her divorce from producer Dot Da Genius, and took the next step in her relationship with Big Sean. And no, that doesn't mean marriage or pregnancy, but rather, getting a tattoo in honor of their love. Aiko can now say she carries Big Sean with her everywhere, having inked a detailed depiction of his grinning face on her skin for all eternity. If you haven't already, go check out Trip, which features Jhené Aiko at her most daring, as well as collaborations with Big Sean, Swae Lee and more.