Jhene Aiko treated her fans to an Instagram Live session over the weekend when she was out celebrating her 31st birthday at a fancy dinner with family and friends. Her sister, however, turned the sweet session into a rumour mill when she supposedly "didn't know" Jhene was on Instagram Live and asked her when she would be having her "gender reveal" party. 

The video quickly ended, with Jhene's face blank.

Naturally, Jhene fans took to Twitter to alert the media that the "Sativa" singer is with child, thinking it was real. "Bro I swear one of @JheneAiko friends just said something about a gender reveal on her live ....... and she ended it so fast let me finnnnnnnd out my wife pregnant by somebody else," one user tweeted

Jhene was forced to come through and clear the air, letting everyone know that she's not expecting a baby and her sister was just trolling. "no my sister @MilaJ is trolling stoooooooop," she wrote in one tweet, adding: "scorpio's play too much @milaj 😒 lol imma get u back. next live it's on like donkey kong 😠"