There was a time when we could visit Instagram and guarantee on seeing at least a few raunchy comments left on Big Sean's photos by Jhené Aiko. These days, both she and Sean are increasingly private though. For a while, Jhené was nowhere to be found on social media but today, she decided to reactivate her Instagram to upload a few new shots.

Social media can take a toll on users - especially when you have a following - as everybody likes to share their opinions. If somebody is against you, they'll let you know about it. It's equally rewarding as people will slide in at times to show support. The gossip and rumors got so bad for Jhené that she seemingly deactivated her accounts as a direct result. Her relationship with Big Sean was subject to many cheating and break-up rumors earlier in the year and they led her to defend herself and her man before eventually disappearing from social media. Now, she's back and celebrating her closest friendships. The comments section has been disabled so if your plan was to hate, you'll have to be more creative. 

The singer posted up with her homies for the "Prom 2018" shots, rocking a beige gown and reminding us all of just how beautiful she is. Welcome back to Instagram, Jhené. Hopefully, it's for the long term.