At the top of the month, Jhene Aiko dropped off another version of her Trip track "Never Call Me" with a guest verse by YG. Although it was nice to be reminded of Jhene's recent album offering, it still wasn't a new sound by the singer and it's safe to say fans are looking for some new-new. Just last night, Jhene was feeling some type of way and hopped on Instagram to share a few story updates of her singing some old school Destiny's Child. 

The 30-year-old sang a nice rendition of the group's track "Killing Time," ending her Instagram karaoke asking, "what should I do?"

"I'm a true hopeless romantic and I feel like you have to not be afraid of love. If there is a "one" for us, just one person, one soulmate, whatever, then you're not going to get it your first try or your second try or even your third try," Jhene previously stated about relationships. "So I won't let one bad relationship ruin my chance at finding my true partner. I'm not a person that holds grudges, either. I just live in the moment. It's easy for me to just be trusting of a new person, which sometimes is a fault, you know?"

Peep her singing video below.