A JID concert in Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York has proven to be a damaging experience. According to school reps, last night's concert on school grounds was so hype, it had to be called off early due to the floor nearly buckling.


Footage is beginning to surface on social media of the crowd reacting to a mid-concert announcement from event security ordering concert-goers to back up in a docile manner while they attempted to restore order in the building.


Another video simply captioned "broke the damn ceiling" shows the ceiling caving in on the crowd, with light fixtures bobbing up and down like apples in a pale of water.


The effect of his performance energy and the force it put on the tenement was something J.I.D could only deduce once the concert had come to a halt. The school later issued a press release concerning the damages. I gather, J.I.D was all too consumed by his own performance to notice its effect on the building itself.


J.I.D doesn't seem to be at fault for the building's decay. He did, however, make light of the situation at the expense of the college's fundraising committee, whilst also reposting just about all the footage of the "earthquake" to surface on social media. I think it's safe to say J.I.D packs a hefty punch in a live-concert setting.