JID's DiCaprio 2 is one of the best albums of the year. Though fans seem to conclude on that front, the Dreamville rapper has recently found himself facing an unexpected setback. We've often heard cases in which sample clearance prevents artists from dropping music, thus leading to a veritable graveyard of discarded, yet finished tracks. Unfortunately for JID, he found himself faced with a clearance issue of a different variety.

You might have noticed that the original album artwork, in which Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike Konrad Annerud gazes into who-knows-what, has been replaced by a JID-shaped Oscar. As it happens, the rapper's team never actually had the rights to thepicture, and had to essentially remove the album from streaming services to re-upload the project anew. Sadly, the move had a negative impact on his numbers, essentially wiping the slate clean. "Now the numbers fucked up cuz they took the whole project down to change the cover," wrote JID, via Twitter. "literally dropped from #12 til like #80 sumthin smh this is my fault."

While the setback marks a hard lesson for the young rapper, it's likely that fans will continue to support the rapper in light of the error. Hopefully DiCaprio 2 can find its way back on the charts where it belongs; I'll be sure to give it a playthrough on the drive home.