With DiCaprio 2 still in rotation, JID has continued his momentum with an appearance on Pitchfork's "Verses" series. The premise is simple. An artist breaks down their favorite verse and provides an explanation as to why they enjoy it. As for JID, he comes through with an OutKast classic, "Chonkyfire."

"Coming from Atlanta, I definitely see myself in their music," explains JID. "As far as the creativity, and an artist from the South with substance. They try to make it like people from the South are slow or stupid, and don't have mental capacity, whatever. OutKast, they just developed a high-end intelligence or mindstate as far as rapping." He proceeds to break down Andre 3000's opening verse on "Chonkyfire" on a bar-for-bar basis.

"It's just a poem until y'all learn right from wrong, know when to bless a situation, when to grab the chrome," he recites, marvelling at how "hard" Three Stacks pen game truly is, the art of contrast in particular. He proceeds to draw a comparison between himself and Three Six, citing a theatrical nature. "I try to paint pictures with my music," explains JID. "I did my best with like, making the music very vivid. Colorful, saying certain words that brighten your senses like. That's some OutKast shit I learned."

Be sure to peep the whole segment below, and watch for JID to set fire to the game on the impending Revenge Of The Dreamers 3.