Ever since Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 landed in full glory, featuring several scene-stealing verses from J.I.D, it's been a relatively quiet follow-up period for the DiCaprio 2 emcee. That's not to say he hasn't been active, having embarked on a nonstop touring spree and put in behind-the-scenes work on a few upcoming projects, but fans have been waiting to see where the Atlanta lyricist goes next. Now, with new releases from Spillage Village and a No I.D.-produced album on the horizon, it's about that time for J.I.D. to slide back onto the scene with a vengeance. 

J.I.D. New Song

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

At least it would be, were it not for this pesky quarantine going and throwing all the best-laid rollout plans out of whack. Now, we're all in the same boat, playing the waiting game until humanity can conquer its latest biological nemesis. In the meantime, J.I.D. has managed to make things a little better by previewing a new banger, seemingly produced by DJ Scheme. 

"Big bite no bark," raps J.I.D, riding a soulful instrumental with precision. "We ain't arguing, we don't talk to em' / but let me talk to him / shit, his homie died, we can part two him / sorry guys, I'm in a dark mood like a horror movie and I know the ending like I saw the movie." Check out the snippet below, and sound off -- are you excited to hear the full version of this one?