Reservoir Media just added Destin Route aka J.I.D to a potentially lucrative publishing deal. The acquisition, if you will, gives Reservoir Global Rights to J.I.D current catalog, including his debut studio record The Never Story. The deal also gives them jurisdiction over his upcoming project DiCaprio 2, slated for release in October.

Reservoir's Creative A&R, who is credited by his higher-ups for putting the deal in place, discovered J.I.D like the rest of us: as an ardent fan of hip hop. "I've been a die-hard J.I.D fan since I first heard The Never Story,” he stated in Reservoir's press release. "I’ve known for a long time that he’s one to watch and I’m not surprised that the industry is finally taking notice. I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome him to the Reservoir family."

2018 has been generous to J.I.D, but not because he hasn't earned it. J.I.D is the rare example where talent supersedes the argument of marketability. Of course, J.I.D embodies both those traits. The hope is that Reservoir will help his music reach new platforms in a structured deal beneficial to both parties. "I’m happy to be a part of the Reservoir family and thankful for their belief in me and my team to give us this opportunity," said J.I.D.