Sadly, mixtapes in their formative state are a thing of the past -- when was the last time you heard a rapper jacking for beats like the good old days? Still, every so often an artist comes through and bodies another rapper's instrumental, adding their own fresh spin on a beloved track. True, mixtapes these days feel closer to albums in structure and sound, but that's not to say the old way is gone forever. From the sound of it, J.I.D. has been itching to bless a few classics beats. In fact, the Dreamville rapper took to Twitter to open the floor for suggestions.


Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"What’s classic beats should I rap over, gimme3," he requests, prompting suggestions to flood in. With plenty of golden era cuts being tossed into the hat, it's hard not to picture the lyricist having a go at some old-school cuts. And what's even better is the fact that J.I.D. is probably one of the only newer rappers who could do them justice, so be sure to slide through and leave your suggestions accordingly.

Of course, the tweet is by no means confirmation that J.I.D. is gearing up to drop off a mixtape. He may very well be contemplating a return to the "radio freestyling" game, if and when that particular booth reopens. Lest we forget his seven-minute session on Funkmaster Flex, where he proved he can hang with the game's best emcees. No matter how the chips fall, if it ends up leading to some new music from J.I.D, you won't hear us complaining.