Megan Thee Stallion admitted that she was shot by Tory Lanez following an argument in the car. As she was leaving, Tory allegedly fired shots at her feet. He was arrested on weapons charges and Megan was brought to the hospital for injuries that were initially believed to be from her stepping on glass.

The Houston rapper was silent on the issue, attempting to move past it by focusing on her numerous #1 records -- "Savage" and "WAP" with Cardi B -- but people kept going and going, accusing her of lying about the shooting for press and insulting her.

During a panel conversation between Jidenna, Ebro Darden, Tiq Milan, and Jay Connor as the moderator, Jidenna explained why he believes men in hip-hop are being so insulting toward Megan after this traumatic experience, detailing it as such:

"Because Black men feel consistently powerless, we literally have created a culture of bravado, and hip-hop is like the pinnacle of it. That's why you have certain rappers who are literally all bravado, being the ones who are throwing certain insults at her (Megan Thee Stallion). Because we feel deflated, we feel like we have to deflate the women who are next to us."

His comments were made about misogyny in the Black community.

Ebro Darden also weighed in on the drama, saying:

" what world does a man pull a gun on a woman and shoot her in her feet? What planet are we on right now? At three in the morning when they're just coming from a party, like what is really going on? That is a blatant disregard for humanity as Jidenna spoke to, and a blatant disregard for Megan as a person."

The important conversation, titled Dear Sisters: Examining Allyship and Masculinity in the Black Community, is available in full on HBO Max. You can watch it below.