Following her record-breaking Verzuz battle with Erykah Badu, Jill Scott is once again the talk of the town. The accomplished R&B-neo-soul singer hasn't drifted from the spotlight since she stepped into the music scene, but Verzuz exposed both she and Ms. Badu to an audience who may not be familiar with their catalogs. As new life has been breathed into her old songs, Jill Scott is finding herself back on the charts. She took some time to speak with V103's Big Tigger about her recent battle, and during the conversation, Jill was asked about her steamy viral video that took social media by storm back in 2018.

Jill Scott
Rick Diamond / Staff / Getty Images

In case you missed it, during a live performance, Jill Scott was singing her freaky fan-favorite "Crown Royal" when she took a moment to display her fellatio skills on her microphone. A clip of the tongue-wagging incident quickly circulated online, and Tigger wanted to know if it was something that bothered her.

First, she stated that she was "in front of grown people, doing grown things." Jill Scott said that she'd pulled the racy move on stage plenty of times, but someone decided to bring up old footage and it was something that rubbed her the wrong way. “Yeah. I didn’t expect it. I was really, really caught off guard," she said. "That had been a part of my show off and on, depending on the audience and what I wanted to say that night. It had been a part of the show for maybe about five years, depending, you know. So, I was really surprised, but I know who did it and I know why they did it."

Of course, Big Tigger wanted the who-what-why details about the situation, but Jill, being the lady that she is, kept her cards close to her chest. “I can’t. I won’t. Be gone. I will not," she replied, speaking directly to the nameless individual who shared the video. "I see your work but you don’t. You just don’t know what’s in here. I’m talking to that person. They don’t know." Watch a clip of Jill Scott's interview with Big Tigger along with the infamous live performance video below.