Joe Biden was declared the winner of the Presidential Election on Saturday which came as big news to the entire who country, who were waiting for the results to finally be announced. Biden had a clear lead as of Friday although there were still some ballots left to be counted, but in the end, it was Biden who came out and took a second term away from incumbent Donald Trump.

President Trump has refused to accept the results and as it stands, he is looking to sue all of the key states that he ended up losing, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Regardless, it is almost inevitable that Trump will be forced to relinquish the office of the President, and already, Saturday Night Live is looking to mock the process.

Jim Carrey has been doing Joe Biden impersonations over the last few weeks, and last night, Carrey did a mix of Biden and Ace Ventura as he dubbed Trump as a big "loser." This bit came during a sketch in which Biden delivers his victory speech.

Dave Chappelle was also on SNL last night and the comedian delivered a hilarious monologue while also taking part in some pretty humorous sketches. During Trump's administration, Saturday Night Live has been very much anti-Trump and in the wake of his loss, last night's show was a reflection of the jubilation of many.

As the transfer of power marches forward, we will certainly be seeing more of Carrey on future episodes of SNL.

Jim Carrey

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images