In case you missed it, 50 Cent and Dipset's Jim Jones recently exchanged words over Instagram, prompting the birth of "Get The Strap" in the process. While the pair seemed eager to throw hands, nothing concrete materialized from the tête-à-tête. Still, that hasn't stopped both parties from keeping their skills honed. While 50 has been busy teasing his own potential involvement in the MMA ring, Jones has been out there partaking in practical experience. TMZ caught footage of the rapper and his entourage in a heated confrontation, which ultimately led to some fisticuffs.

Apparently, the fight popped off over selfies gone wrong; in the beginning of the clip, Jones can be seen posing with some female fans outside a limo, after hosting an event at Club Zone in Springfield, MA. For reasons unknown, a couple of unruly individuals started yelling insults in Jones' direction. Eventually, one particularly aggressive man stepped forward to throw a punch, and after that, pandemonium ensued. The footage is a little hard to follow, but this one has all the makings of an honest-to-goodness street brawl. In appropriate fashion, police ultimately showed up, prompting all parties to scatter.

Apparently, a "source" close to Jones claimed the rapper emerged unscathed, brushing off the incident as an "an old-school brawl outside of a club." Check out the chaotic footage below.