Antonio Brown hasn't been acting all that normally this year. The football player is currently looking at a a suspension of anywhere between six games to a whole season over claims of misconduct. Despite this, he has already career paths he's looking to pursue such as music. Now, music and social media go hand-to-hand these days and given his wild antics on the Internet, he's readying to get into kickstarting his career as a musical artist.

It appears as though his first project will be titled, No More White Woman 2020. Odd title, indeed, but apparently, that's the most fitting title for his upcoming project with Sean Kingston. He first tweeted the title last week before going on his Instagram Story requesting for "20 beautiful white woman for a photo shoot for my new album #Nowhitewoman2020."

Sure, most people are laughing at his antics but one person who's deeply concerned by it is Jim Jones. The Dipset rapper slid in the comments to Antonio Brown's campaign flyer for "No More White Woman 2020" and expressed his thoughts on the matter.

"I love you bro but u puttin urself in a bad box and U got everyone watchin most important [the] kids are watchin," Jones wrote in the comment section of the post. "[Their] super man act strange u wat better than this take a trip for a month and wusa bro love u."

Peep the post below.

Via Instagram