What constitutes a legend? At this point, it's not out of the ordinary to hear somebody dispute whether or not Tupac Shakur is a legendary figure in the music industry. Other than Lil Xan, his status in the game has not been argued by anybody in a while. With an extensive discography and influence over so many of today's current rappers, Tupac is a bonafide icon. Jim Jones isn't debating that fact. However, he wants to clear up the actual reason why Pac is as big as he is. In his opinion, it doesn't actually have to do with "oldheads" spreading the gospel.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Taking to social media this weekend, the Dipset member spoke on how Tupac became a legend, explaining how he believes "oldheads" had less of an impact as generally perceived. "PAC died at 25 it wasn't th old heads th made him a legend it was th generation tht was following him," he wrote in note form. "I was 1 of them he died in 1996 I was 19 so who are we to tell this generation who they make a legend. I see a lot of old heads gettin in there feelings lol this is not our generation it’s there’s remember tht lol."

Jim Jones' message is seemingly in response to all the chatter surrounding Nipsey Hussle's status as a legend. In light of all that talk, this was a much-needed post from Jones. Do you agree?