When we talk about fashion in hip-hop, Kanye Westis often the first name that comes to mind. His influence in fashion is even more evident today than ever before with Yeezy Brand dominating the sneaker game. And while plenty of people rocked polos and backpacks after College Dropout emerged, you can't deny the influence Dipset had, either. Jim Jones even issues Drip Reports, which has now found a home at REVOLT, where he offers weather updates with fashion advice to accompany it.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

So, both of them have been quite influential to hip-hop fashion in their own rights, though it can be argued Jones hasn't had the type of longevity Kanye has. Nonetheless, the rapper threw his hat in the conversation on who the most influential rapper to hip-hop fashion is. The rapper took to Instagram with a meme of five of his fits against five of Kanye's, asking the question, "When it came to fashion in hip-hop, whose swag and style was the most influential[?] Kanye West or Jim Jones?"

Mind you, Jones' rockstar style became a major wave between 2007-2009. Earlier this year, Jones recollected the influence he had on Lil Wayne the one time he spent the summer in Harlem and apparently, "picked up a lot of drip along the way."

Evidently, Jones didn't think anything much of it besides it being a dope collage. Perhaps, he's simply appreciative of the fact that he's receiving acknowledgment for his and Dipset's influence outside of the realm of music. "I thought this was dope wht yal think?" He captioned the post.

So, what do you think? We know how influential Kanye has been to hip-hop fashion but does Jim Jones get enough credit for his contributions? Sound off in the comments.