His "Top 10 Rappers of 2021 (So Far)" list ruffled a few feathers and now Brian "B. Dot" Miller is chopping it up with one artist who was vocal about his placement. Jim Jones took the 10th spot, and while he was grateful for the inclusion, Jones let it be known that he was ready and willing to go toe-to-toe with any of the other artists on the list. Later, Conway The Machine stepped forward with a message of his own that left Hip Hop fans believing he was responding to Jones.

"For me, I'm confused," said Jones who recalled Miller praising his album as one of the best. "How can I have the best album and then be number ten on the list? I'm just trying to figure this sh*t out."

Jim Jones, Brian Miller, Complex, Conway The Machine
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Miller said there were "a lot of spitters" on his list and added that there are excellent emcees who don't necessarily have great albums. Miller then read off Jim Jones's initial response after seeing the Top Ten list as well as Conway's reaction about rappers who were salty about their placements.

"Let's not assume that he responded [to me], let's assume that he made his own rant because he may have been going through his own thing," said Jones. "But if he did respond, that would make it even more better because I respect his sportsmanship." Furthermore, Jones wanted to make sure it was clear that he doesn't have any personal issues with Conway.

"First of all, let's put this out there, me and Conway are brothers," he said. "This is one of the few rappers that I do f*ck with in this industry, wholeheartedly, you dig? I respect his pen, his thoughts, I'm just a fan of his music. But that being said, the competition in this industry is nowhere where it used to be."

The rapper then detailed the differences between beef and competition, drawing comparisons to basketball and how players go at it in the paint but afterward they pop bottles with one another. "It's not there anymore because most of these artists take competition as beef or they turn competition into beef because everybody would like to be the baddest and I can understand that."

Check out Jim Jones's interview with Brian Miller in its entirety below.