It may be too early to tell, but if you're on of those people who have been fiending for a Dipset reunion, you might very well be in luck. Rumors have been circulating about a full-fledged Dipset album, and the group recently came through with the new single "Once Upon A Time," which finds Jim Jones and Cam'Ron trading bars over some classic Hitmakerz production. The throwback sound once put Dipset on the map with Diplomatic Immunity 2, so to see that their recent music hasn't lost a step is certainly a promising sign. If you haven't already checked out "Once Upon A Time," you should most definitely get on that by hitting the link below.

Now, Jim Jones has given us even more reason to celebrate, as the Dipset Capo recently shared a preview of a new track off his upcoming Wasted Talent project. And while that isn't strictly a Dipset track, it still finds Jones spitting some real wisdom over a Heatmakerz instrumental, and is that not a good enough reason to get hype? The track itself sounds like it's going to be some fire, especially if Heatmakerz come through with Jim Jones' request to add some Phil Collins sauce to the mix. 

As for the upcoming Dipset album, Heatmakerz recently shared a few instrumental samples on their own IG page, which finds the duo of Rsonist and Thrilla cooking up some classic samples, including one from Whitney Houston. It's always cool to see producers at work, and it wouldn't be surprising to see some of these beats pop up on either Wasted Talent or the upcoming Dipset music. Check out the videos below, including one of "Once Upon A Time" when it was still in the early stages.