It looks like Jim Jones might need to find himself a new gym to go workout at. On Monday, the Dipset rapper took to his Instagram page to share an altercation in which he says he was racially profiled & lied to at an LA Fitness in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Capo simply asked to use LA Fitness’ phone charger via their computer, and they were having it and not only denied him the access, but tried kicking him out the gym and exterminating his membership in the process. Jones also added that the managers says he gave her the middle finger, but he says thats all lies.

In a rush of anger & frustration, Jones decided to whip out his phone & video tape him talking to the young workers behind the desk, asking them why he was being racially profiled and being so rude to.

“@lafitness sombody please teach ur employees at flower st gym in LA how to talk and treat there customers I been a member for 4years and have never been treated like this it's is usually a very good experience well today was th worst I feel I have been profiled and lied on smh all cause I asked to plug my charger up to th side of one of there computers and she told me very nasty tht she not letting me uses th computer to charge my phone and tht I was a simple person sheesh,” Jones said in the caption of his lengthy IG post.

Check out Jones’ long rant & statement on what happened (below).