If you somehow missed it, Jim Jones was arrested last week in Georgia's Coweta County for drug and gun possession. The Dipset rapper was reportedly riding in the backseat of a vehicle that went on wild police chase. Police would go on to eventually pull the car over and find marijuana, oxycodone, Percocet, THC oil, two loaded pistols, and cash after a search. He was subsequently hit with felony charges of possession of a stolen gun, possession of a firearm during commission of a crime and possession of narcotics. He also got hit with a with a misdemeanor charge as well.

Out on bond, Jones decided to stop by The Angie Martinez Show on Monday, and discuss a little bit what happened. Unfortunately Jones couldn't say too much as he was advised by his lawyers to not talk, but he did acknowledge it. “I’ve been advised by my lawyer, I can't talk about the case,” he said. “Whatever's been reported you can say, but I cant reply about this cases yet. But what I can say is that, one of the things that concerned me the most was… I wanted to get home before my son woke up. So that I could speak to him before he seen it anywhere else, because my son is my partner.”

In addition to that, Jones also spoke about Kanye, Meek Mill, and the Drake-Pusha-T beef. He even said he was down to box 50 Cent, who’s been trolling him on IG these past couple days following his arrest.

“50 lets shoot a fair one for some money and lets show these dudes how to do it man,” Jones said referring Drake & Pusha T should get in the ring. “Lets set it up bro. Get Mayweather. He just got 3 trillion dollars. Tell Mayweather throw us some money man. 4-5 million a piece man” he added.

Check out the full 27-minute interview (below), where he kicks things off right away about the arrest and later (23 min. mark) talks about boxing 50 Cent.