Jimmer Fredette was a prolific scorer in college although unfortunately, his skillset hasn't really translated very well into the NBA. Fredette has bounced around the league and even went through a stint in China before finding himself back on an NBA roster this past season. The Phoenix Suns took a chance on Fredette although he didn't do much with it as he only averaged 3.7 points in 10.8 minutes per game. Regardless, his talents got the attention of the Golden State Warriors as it was revealed today that they signed him to a contract, according to Bleacher Report.

Fredette will get to play with Warriors' Summer League team which means he will have a prime opportunity to get himself acquainted with some of the players on the roster and get himself settled into the system.

The Warriors will be missing Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant to start the 2019-2020 season so with Fredette coming off the bench, the team is adding some extra three-point shooting. While there are no guarantees that Fredette will be able to perform up to the team's standards, it is interesting that they've given him a chance.

A team like the Warriors doesn't just sign anyone, so perhaps there is some method behind the team's madness.