Philadelphia 76ers All Star shooting guard Jimmy Butler is one of several superstars set to become a free agent this summer - and he knows he's in line for a massive pay day. Butler stands to make much more money if he resigns with the Sixers on a five-year deal, but he won't be hurting for cash either way.

"Technically I think, knock on wood, I will get a max contract anywhere I choose to go,” Butler said, per Marc Narducci of The Inquirer. "So if you are talking a four-year, five-year, that is more than enough money anyway. I think I still have more than enough money now from my first deal."

Butler will be eligible to sign a five-year $188 million max deal if he returns to the Sixers. If he signs elsewhere, the most he could make his $141 million over four years.

In regards to his impending free agency, Butler recently told reporters, "I haven't thought about (free agency) too much...You always want to be able to win. I think that's key for sure. You're looking at coaches. You're looking at the city. There's a lot that goes in to it."

Butler, who turns 30 in September, averaged 18.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4 assists and 1.8 steals in his 55 regular season games with Philadelphia this season.