When Jimmy Butler was on the Minnesota Timberwolves for a brief period of time, he was looked at as a bit of a tyrant. Everyone remembers that one practice where he punked the entire team and had some choice words for the likes of Andrew Wiggins, and even Karl-Anthony Towns. Now, Butler is in Miami where he has seen a lot more success, even if this season has been a lot tougher than the last.

Last night, Butler and his Heat got to play the T-Wolves and in the end, it was the Heat who came out on top. At one point, however, Towns and Butler got into it and it led to some NSFW trash talk. Butler was certainly the most disrespectful during the encounter as he had some very choice words for Towns.

“You soft as baby sh*t... you a loser. I already punked you once," Butler told KAT. These are definitely fighting words but KAT seemed to be relatively unfazed by all of it as he went about his business.

As for these two teams, the Heat seem to be on their way to the playoffs all while the T-Wolves are experiencing yet another terrible season. Simply put, Butler certainly seems to be winning the beef.

Karl-Anthony Towns

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images