Yesterday was a big one for the NBA as they had a full slate of games all throughout the day. It was a joyous occasion to be a basketball fan, especially with all of the otherworldly performances we got to see. Easily the best performance of the entire night was from Indiana Pacers star TJ Warren who exploded for a career-high 53 points. It was an incredible showing as his Pacers were able to knock off the Philadelphia 76ers, who were highly-favored heading into the matchup.

While Warren's night piqued the interest of numerous NBA fans, it was his ties to Jimmy Butler that really had fans going off on social media. For some context, Butler has repeatedly slandered Warren in the past and has told him that he simply isn't on Butler's level. However, after dominating for 53 points, Twitter did its thing and jumped to conclusions with some hilarious memes at Butler's expense.

For now, Butler is still coming ahead on top as his Miami Heat continue to coast near the top of the Eastern Conference standings. However, there is a chance the Pacers and Heat could face off in the first round of the playoffs, which would most certainly lead to an interesting matchup.