Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat have been underdogs throughout the NBA Finals although they've managed to hang in there quite nicely. In fact, the Heat came through with a massive Game 3 victory on Sunday night as Jimmy Butler recorded 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists as the Heat slashed the Lakers series lead in half. Near the end of the game, Butler could be seen mouthing "they're in trouble," which as you can imagine, set the Twitter world ablaze.

Following the game, Butler was asked about his trash talk, to which he had a fairly reasonable explanation. As he noted, LeBron James has said something similar to him in the first quarter, and Butler simply wanted to relay the message once it became clear that the Heat were going to win the game.

“First of all, we’re not going to act like I’m talking trash, because I’m not,” Butler said. “‘Bron said it to me at the end of the first. That’s what happened. I just said it to him in the fourth quarter.”

With the series now at 2-1, the Heat have an opportunity to tie this series at two games apiece. They will have that chance on Tuesday night, with the game going down at 9 PM EST.