San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has finally spoken out about his date with porn actress Kiara Mia. The 5th year play-caller has had to adjust to life under the media spotlight since trading the pastures of New England for the West Coast. Garoppolo revealed those awkward first steps to reporters amassed at the 49ers training facility ahead of camp.

Garoppolo spoke of his adjustment, "My life off the field, I’ve never really been big on being very public with things. Even social media, I’m not out there a ton. My life’s looked at differently. I’m under a microscope." When reporters badgered him with questions about his date with Kiara, Jimmy resorted to confidentiality by disclosing the bare minimum. Garoppolo quoted his coach Kyle Shahanan in saying, "It’s a good learning experience. I just have to take it in stride (of his date with Kiara)." 

If Garoppolo can keep up his professional demeanor, get results on the field, and date frivolously in his spare time, he will achieved the perfect level of achievement in his chosen field. Garoppolo once had to contend with reading a report he was going steady with model Alexandra King, a woman he'd gone never committed to emotionally beyond their one date (Disney Land).

If he doesn't help the 49ers turn around their misplaced fortunes, critics will undoubtedly push the blame on his one date with Kiara, through no fault of his own. Color me pessimistic.