If you're curious just how much the digital age may be affecting people, then let Jimmy Kimmel's recent project where he hit the streets to ask people to read a clock be your answer. "When I was a kid, you'd learn in school how to tell time, they'd have the thing with all the clocks and you had to write the time," Jimmy said, as seen in the clip below. "But now we all have phones and we just look at it and we know. It made me wonder if young people even know how to tell the time anymore."

Shockingly, all of the younger looking candidates who were asked to read a clock had absolutely no idea how to tell the time. Some who thought they did, blurted out the wrong answer. One woman admitted that she hadn't studied a clock since elementary school, while another just looked at the clock and shook her head without even attempting to lay down a time. 

One guy was stumped then got asked if the clock was reading AM or PM - clearly a trick question. Watch the full episode below.