In last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the noted comedian did not hold back when discussing the very public announcement of Donald Trump's physical examination results. 

Trump's doctor held an hourlong press conference regarding the matter, which he described the POTUS as being in excellent health, despite the fact that he appears to be as Kimmel describes "borderline obese." The physician confirms how the examination went extremely well, affirming how he has no concerns about Trump's cognitive ability. 

Kimmel scrutinized the results in his particular brand of deadpan humour, mocking the fact that Trump's New York driver's license notes that he's 6'2", yet his medical exam describes the former Apprentice host as being 6'3", noting how he's the only person who gets taller with age. 

Kimmel then recreated the infamous press conference, injecting a few not-so-subtle jabs at the President along the way. An actor assumes the role of the White House's physician, and begins to list off the results most pertinent to the public, such as how Trump's hair is taking over his brain. The actor goes on to reveal how the use of a particular shade of "burnt marshmallow" Just For Men hair dye, combined with the high level of french fry oil in Trump's brain, has created a "hairacite" that effects the part of his bran that controls anger, attention span, and the urge to say "reprehensible racist things."

At the end of the segment, a monster resembling Trump's infamous hairdo attacks the actor, causing pandemonium in the press conference. Watch the skit in its entirety below: