Jimmy Kimmel recently broadcast the latest edition of his Lie Witness News where his correspondents took to the Los Angeles streets to question random people on their thoughts on what’s going on in Wakanda. In the clip, everyone had some insight to give on the nation and the United States presence there—except there was one little problem, Wakanda doesn’t actually exist.

You’ll recall that Wakanda is the fictional African nation in Marvel’s Black Panther comics and the Black Panther film. In the movie, it is a technologically-advanced covert nation with its wealth and prosperity rooted in its abundance of the fictitious element of vibranium, but none of that stopped these average citizens from doling out serious opinions on both.

The first question asked was in regard to the United States “presence” in Wakanda as one bystander is asked if it time to “bring the U.S. troops home from Wakanda?” His answer? A firm yes.

“I think we need a strong presence there,” the man said. “I definitely support our troops. So, if they’re in Wakanda, they have a reason to be there.”

Another woman had an opposing sentiment as she offered that the United States should resolve its own problems before interceding in other nations like Wakanda while another passerby revealed that he has indeed heard about the litter of bad things happening in Wakanda, alluding to the “catastrophe” that the public has been talking about.

At the tail end of the segment, the same woman who believed that the United States should mind its business also expressed that she didn’t think anyone wanted to see a movie about Wakanda when prompted. “People don’t want to see it. I don’t think so.”

As it turns out though, Black Panther recently closed the week with the highest-grossing first week in Marvel Cinematic History, earing $292 million domestically, and a combined $520 million across the globe.

Weigh in on the conversation below and let us know if you think that Wakanda and its vibranium should be left alone.