Jimmy Kimmel's show leans heavily on two things for its comedy: the nearest holiday(s) and kids doing stuff they don't usually do. Last night he combined his usual formula for an unexpectedly funny segment called "The First Trumpsgiving." It's essentially a retelling of the classic American Thanksgiving story where the pilgrims are Donald and Melania. The actors who play all the characters are kids from an elementary school that Jimmy Kimmel Live flew out to the show to act in the production. 

The little play begins with the Trumps lading on the shore of the "new wolrd" on the their "yacht" they've named the Mayflower. The little boy playing trump does a superb job of impersonating the president as he begins to lay out plans for a "huge" hotel and golf course. He's interrupted by two indigenous Americans who he calls "immigrants from South America" and "bad hombres." When they try and clarify that this is their native land, saying "we're Native Americans," boy-Trump shuts them down with a classic Trump answer: "well, we're American Americans, and we were here first." When the natives say they just saw them step off their yacht at Plymouth Rock, little Trump clarifies: "you mean, Trump Rock..and Casino!"