PETA made the headlines last month when it launched an anti-crab campaign in Baltimore, a city where the fish cake is a staple of life. The activist organization mounted this billboard atop a building in Northern section of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, It didn't long for the fiercely proud locals to stage their counterinsurgency. It's easy to see why an underhanded message like "See the individual. Go Vegan" could fall into the wrong hands.

Without any "physical" provocation, a local seafood restaurant in the area proceeded to spark a debate on Twitter by engaging with PETA's social media department. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood greeted PETA with "Good Morning" to being the exchange which the organization shrewdly registered as a taunt. In response they illustrated the graphic nature of "boiling" a living creature, and urged the restaurant to offer patrons more "vegan menu options." Creating vegan options in Baltimore would in all seriousness require the locals to reevaluate their cultural behaviors and eating habits, which is a tall ask for any community regardless of size.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood responded to the assertion that boiling crabs was not unlike murdering a live animal, by digging up some dirt thanks to Google. Their response: a thumbnail of a HuffPost article allegedly exposing the "Secret Slaughter Of Kittens" by PETA enforcers. From there, PETA backed down never to be seen again.