Joakim Noah was recently signed to a 10-day contract by the Los Angeles Clippers and if anyone is happy about this move, it's his neighbors in New York City. We say this because according to Page Six, Noah's neighbors have been upset with him over the last few months due to his incessant workouts at the condo building's gym.

In the report, it states that Noah allegedly used the gym as if it was his very own NBA facility. He even had various trainers come over who were blowing whistles loudly and disrupting the peace. These activities led residents to request Noah be banned from the gym. In the end, Noah never changed up his routine and the neighbors remained upset. Of course, this doesn't matter now as Noah is no longer in New York City.

Joakim Noah

Rob Carr/Getty Images

This situation is certainly bizarre as there are plenty of gyms in New York that Noah could have used. Regardless, convenience is everything these days so it makes sense that he would want to use what is closest to him. Not to mention, if you know there is an NBA star in your building, you have to expect these kinds of things are going to happen.

With the NBA under lockdown, we can only imagine how Noah is trying to train at this point.