What would you do if the Joker himself showed up to your movie theater? Fans in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles were treated to the surprise of a lifetime when Joaquin Phoenix stopped by to soak in the ambiance. As reported by TMZPhoenix kicked it with fans after the credits rolled at the Pacific Theaters in Chatsworth. Joker is an original origin story for the famous Batman villain. The film, directed by Todd Phillips, stirred controversy for its scenes of violence. Security has been heightened across the nation for screenings of the film although the bad press has not affected ticket sales. Joker broke the October opening record, which was held by Venom, with a $93.5 million weekend. 

TMZ reports that Phoenix was making the rounds at different Los Angles movie theaters and interacting with fans. At the theater in Chatsworth, the actor was asked to perform his creepy Joker laugh, but he didn't deliver. In a video, Phoenix tries to get the laugh out but can't muster it. He then asks the fan to try his own version, which also didn't work out too well. Joker took home the top prize at the Venice Film Festival and is expected to be an Oscar contender.