On Sunday night, Joaquin Phoenix won "Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture" at the SAG Awards for his performance in Joker. He also snagged "Best Actor" at the Golden Globes, but he doesn't seem to be too focused on himself amid all this award season praise.

After making a brief appearance at a SAG Award after party on Sunday night, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Phoenix left to attend a vigil for pigs at a nearby slaughterhouse. The actor joined the activist group, Los Angeles Animal Save, outside the Farmer John processing plant in Vernon, California, which is located less than five miles outside Los Angeles. The vigil entailed giving water and support to the pigs before they are sent to their deaths. Videos show Phoenix, still dressed in his tux, going up to the trailer that contains the pigs to bear witness to their plight.

According to TMZ, Farmer John allows for the trailer to be parked for two minutes twice a week - on Wednesdays and Sundays - to facilitate these vigils. The founder of Los Angeles Animal Save, Amy Jean Davis, detailed that this isn't the first time Phoenix has come to pay his respects to the pigs. “Joaquin’s regular attendance at our vigils in L.A. has inspired activists both locally and globally," Davis said. "We are so grateful for his voice. All over the world, activists are bearing witness to animals bound for slaughter and waking up the world to their plight.”